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This course will teach you to SQL Relational Database Design, Data Modeling, and Normalization Explained for MySql, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server! I recommend taking a course, Relational Database Design and Data Modeling In Simple Terms has been developed by Kris Wenzel.

Course name: Relational Database Design and Data Modeling In Simple Terms
Course instructor: Kris Wenzel | Let me teach you SQL using simple to understand English.
Video length: 3.5 hours
Price: $84.99 (See the Udemy Coupon Deals above for the best price)
Categories: Development, Database Design & Development, Database Design
Languages: English
Course type Includes: Lifetime access to all videos, including all future updates.
There is no risk: 30-day money back guarantee!
Learn Anywhere Available: Access on mobile and TV
Recognition Certificate: You will receive a Course Completion Certification from Udemy platform.

Relational Database Design and Data Modeling In Simple Terms

After successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
With the experience you gain in this course you’ll be able to create conceptual database model based upon user requirements to depict relationships between business entities.
Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to diagram a relational database design with entity–relationship diagrams (ERDs) using crow’s foot notation to enforce referential integrity.
You will be able to evaluate tables for compliance to third normal form and perform normalization procedures on noncompliant tables.
You will be able to restructure spreadsheet like data into good database form.
You will be able to design and implement relational databases using tables, keys, relationships, and SQL commands in MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server to meet user requirements.
You will be able to be able to express and communication database design concepts with others.
You will be able to know the reasons why a relational database is organized into many separate tables.

Who Is This Course For?
This course is for students baffled by their professor’s database normalization explanations
DBAs seeking common sense definitions of database normal forms.
This course is for anyone studying MySQL, Oracle, or SQL Server wanting to become a better database designer.
This course is for people preparing for SQL related job interviews.
This course is for anyone looking to take a class whose singular purpose is to teach you database design.
This course is for anyone who doesn’t have time to weed through dense textbooks trying to sort out academic explanations.

I really am so confident you’re going to love the course!
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